Matthew 28:19-20


Silvestre SepĂșlveda

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Our purpose
With the purpose of empowering the individual to walk socially and spiritually in the will of God. The Calling of God for this organization is to supply and meet the spiritual and physical need, through evangelistic outreach and medical missions.
How will this be accomplished?

This project was put in my heart to start and build a place of hope for this community. We understand that this cannot be achieved with a single man; that is why God has put the plans to complete this project through the Church, which is the body of Christ working together to bring the gospel to the needy. To put this project in progress, we are knocking on the doors of churches, businesses, believers with a missionary call, and government officials. We are also looking for sponsors who will make a faith promise to give $20, $30, $50 or whatever God puts in your heart per month. You can also give a donation as an offering that will help advance this cause. With these relationships formed and divine appointments made by God, we believe that God will do more than we can think or imagine with the Norelen Project.